The Think Of Michael Foundation President Carmela Dalton awarded three perseverance scholarships to Lynnfield High School 2019 graduates

Michael V. Dalton Memorial Scholarship to Lynnfield High School Seniors

2019 Lynnfield High School Awards Night

We awarded our first annual MICHAEL V. DALTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP to three very deserving graduates pictured above: Jonathan Luders (L), Abigail Murphy (Middle) and Frederick Plante (R). Congratulations to each of them and to all of this year's applicants on their achievements. We wish them and all their fellow 2019 graduates all the best as they embark on the next chapter of their lives!

Chosen recipients each overcame different types of adversity, demonstrating their perseverance and strength of character while achieving personal growth. Each scholarship was for $500.00 and created by the Dalton family (Richard, Carmela, Stacey and Jamie) in memory of Michael Dalton to assist graduating students with their higher educational learning expenses.

If you would like to be considered for this scholarship, please read the additional details below

To be considered for a 2020 MICHAEL V. DALTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, please see the description below for full eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply.

Description, Eligibility Requirements And Application


Created in memory of Michael V. Dalton to assist deserving graduating seniors from Lynnfield High School with higher educational learning expenses.

Eligibility Requirements

The Michael V. Dalton Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Lynnfield High School graduating seniors selected by our Selection Committee who have demonstrated perseverance when faced with different types of adversity. We chose to honor Michael in this way to be mindful of not only the success that can come from persevering, but more importantly the individual growth of a person as a result of such adversity. The Selection Committee recognizes that challenges come in many different forms, including but not limited to: academic/social/emotional/mental/health & wellness difficulties/disabilities/personal struggles and hardships as just a few examples. Applicants are asked to explain how they grew as a person and the valuable lessons they learned from their experience of doing something despite the difficulty involved. 

Required Applicant Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • School or Institution Attending


Construct a brief 1-2 page essay highlighting the following as a guide:

  • What words would you use to best describe yourself and your character? 
  • How would others describe you? 
  • What challenge(s) have you faced and how have you persevered?
  • Who would you credit with assisting you to overcome this? 
  • Who best understands your specific struggles and the impact they've had on you? 
  • What lessons have you learned about yourself as a result of this experience? 
  • How has this shaped the person that you are today?

 Faculty/Staff Recommendations

Required to be included with your application are 2 letters of recommendation from school faculty or staff members.

*Feel free to include anything else you'd like the Committee to know about you and why you should be selected.


APRIL 15, 2020

All applications, essays and letters of recommendation can be submitted to the Selection Committee by mail or email at:

The Think Of Michael Foundation

Michael V. Dalton Memorial Scholarship

PO Box 1333

Lynnfield, MA 01940


Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Best of luck to all applicants!