Our Mission

Our mission for The Think Of Michael Foundation is to help individuals and families battling substance use disorder (SUD) and create effective change where change is needed. We have been making a significant impact fighting this epidemic with our goal always to change and save as many lives as we possibly can. A big part of it for our family is keeping Michael's legacy alive and honoring his memory while touching as many lives as possible along the way and truly making a difference.

The Services We Provide

We identified a real need for assistance for those individuals transitioning from treatment to a sober house. We would like to see anyone that wants, to have access to continued aftercare treatment while living in a sober, safe and supportive environment with other people experiencing the same issues. Coming straight out of treatment, most people do not have current employment or the funds necessary at that point to allow for a smooth, stress-free transition to a sober house if that is even a possibility for them. Sober house living is not covered by health insurance, so often times people coming fresh out of treatment are extremely discouraged by the enormous added stress of finding a new job quick enough to get a paycheck big enough to buy food and necessities on top of finding a place to live and being able to pay move-in fee/security deposit and rent due immediately. It is close to impossible without help. Dealing with all of this while already being in an extremely vulnerable place fresh out of treatment in early recovery where there undoubtedly exists a long list of stressors and triggers to deal with. People work hard to find themselves, work on themselves and repair their lives, careers, family relationships, marriages, friendships, legal issues, financial troubles and more, all while doing their best to adjust physically, mentally and emotionally to a completely new way of living with new surroundings, new associates and usually far away from any support from family and loved ones (if they are lucky enough to have that). Unfortunately, the result is that many are forced to go right back to the same environment they came from; to the same people, places and things that likely contributed to their substance use disorders and serve as major triggers. This is one of the most common reasons for a relapse. And relapses right after treatment when your body's tolerance level is significantly lower is the cause of most deadly overdoses. This is what we're trying to prevent from happening through The Think Of Michael's sober house scholarships. This is a critical component of many people's early recovery and we want to help those in need who show the desire to do what is necessary in recovery to be successful.

We strive to follow how Michael lived his life, always being the first person to help anyone with anything. For him, nothing was too big or too small and he'd so often go out of his way to help anyone, from friends and family, to complete strangers homeless on the street that he would stop to buy food for without them even asking. That was the kind of person he was. He was always extremely generous, selfless and compassionate, which is why we know as a family that we're doing exactly what Michael would want us to be doing. It couldn't be any more fitting of a way to honor his memory.


The Think Of Michael Foundation formed a partnership with Magnolia New Beginnings, an established MA-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with 24 state chapters and a large, expanding network. Under the leadership of Maureen Cavanagh (author of If You Love Me), their organization has been offering financial needs-based scholarships to people who have completed the clinical stabilization level of care and then require housing assistance in a safe, sober and supportive environment with others going through the same experience. This is a critical component of many people's early recovery. We have a proven process with our expanding network of clinicians and treatment providers that refer us patients they feel are good candidates that would benefit from living in a sober house. We have developed a list of sober houses throughout MA that we place recipients in that are all MASH approved, as well as having passed our own personal inspections and follow-up visits to ensure that the homes we place people in continue to maintain our high standards and specific criteria. This helps us to ensure that we always place recipients in the best possible situations to achieve success in their recovery and create a strong foundation to lead a new way of life. We maintain copies of house rules and resident expectations on file, including contact information for each house manager and its ownership. 

The partnership of our two dedicated organizations working together enables us to make an even greater difference and impact! 

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