Our mission for Think of Michael is to help other individuals and families battling substance use disorder and create effective change where so much change is needed. We plan on making a significant impact while fighting against this epidemic with the end result being to save and change as many lives and families in any way we possibly can. We want to do our best as a family in helping to prevent other families from experiencing the same feelings of pain and loss and make sure we offer all the help and support we possibly can. A big part of it for our family is keeping Michael's legacy alive and honoring his memory, while touching as many lives along the way and truly making a difference in the world.

We have identified a real need for assistance for those individuals transitioning from detox and treatment to a sober house. We want everyone who needs and wants, to have access to continued aftercare treatment while living in a sober, safe, supportive environment with other people experiencing the same issues. Coming straight out of treatment, most people do not have current employment or the funds at that point to allow for a smooth transition to a sober house if that is even a possibility for them at all. Sober houses are not covered by health insurance, so often times people fresh out of treatment are discouraged by the added stress of finding a place to live, a job, food and get a paycheck to pay rent somewhere almost immediately. Dealing with all of this while already in a very vulnerable place, fresh out of treatment where there exists a list of stressors, sobriety related and life related. They work hard and try to redefine or repair their lives, careers, families, relationships, marriages, friendships, legal issues and adjust to a completely new way of life in new surroundings, with new associates, usually far from family or any loved ones. Unfortunately, many are forced to go back to the same environment that they came from, to the same people, places and things, which is one of the most common reasons for a relapse. 

One of our goals we pride ourselves on is placing recipients in the absolute best possible situations and circumstances to have the best chance to be successful in their early recovery. We assist them in any way possible to create a solid recovery foundation that will put them in the best possible position to achieve long term remission and lead them to living a healthier and happier new way of life. 

We aim to follow how Michael lived his life, always being the first person to help everyone and anyone, whether it was family, friends, teammates or total strangers. So we know this is exactly what he would want to see happening and he's looking down on all of us with his smile and proud of the work that we are doing.


Think Of Michael formed a partnership with Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc.(www.magnolianewbeginnings.org), an established and successful Massachusetts based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with 24 state chapters and a very large network. Under the leadership of Maureen Cavanagh (author of If You Love Me), their organization has been offering the opportunity of financial needs based scholarships to people who have completed the clinical stabilization level of care and then require housing assistance in a safe, sober and supportive environment with others going through the same experience. They have a proven process with their network of clinicians as well as a list of sober houses that are all MASH approved and moreover pass our personal visits, inspections and periodic follow up visits to ensure that they continue to maintain our high standards and specific criteria. This helps us to ensure we are putting our recipients in the absolute best possible situations to achieve long term success in their recovery and achieve a new way of life.

We look forward to growing our partnership and working with Magnolia New Beginnings and its leadership to make a difference and an impact together!