Think Of Michael is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization established in 2018 by the Dalton family in memory and in honor of Michael Dalton. Michael grew up in Lynnfield, MA and tragically died at the age of 39 of an accidental opioid overdose on January 13, 2018 while in outpatient treatment and suffering from a painful hernia that he was scheduled to have operated on in March. From the day he passed away, our lives would obviously never be the same and forever changed. Michael will forever be remembered as a big hearted, intelligent, compassionate, generous, loyal, incredibly athletic person. He was an amazing, fun-loving father to his then 5 year old son, Mason, who he referred to as the center of his universe. He was also a loving son to Richard and Carmela and a protective brother and best friend to Stacey and Jamie. Soon after Michael's unexpected and sudden death, we decided as a family that we wanted to turn all of our tremendous pain and grief in to something positive and create real change. Our goal from the very beginning has been to make significant and lasting differences fighting this devastating epidemic. Helping other individuals and families struggling with this awful brain disease has become our family's primary focus and purpose. We hope to carry his memory and keep his legacy alive forever by helping other people and families in his name.


"Our mission for Think Of Michael is simple; to prevent as many other families as possible from experiencing the unimaginable pain and loss that we feel. We plan on impacting, changing and saving every life we touch along the way!"

To help accomplish this, we raise funds to be able to offer needs based sober house scholarships for those in need after completing a treatment program. We also provide an ongoing wide variety of recovery support and resources. Sober housing is often a critical piece of one's long journey of achieving long term sustained recovery, but unfortunately it is not covered by insurance. Many people lack funds and resources when coming out of long term treatment to afford the costs of moving in to sober housing. This fact often sends people straight from completing treatment right back to the same people, places and things they came from that then serve as powerful triggers, making very dangerous and deadly relapses more likely given their significantly lowered tolerance levels after completing treatment. This is a very common cause of many deadly overdoses.

Think Of Michael not only provides sober housing placement and scholarships, but also access to our extensive network of the best and most respected local recovery resources available. This allows us to ensure that the people in our program are only placed in the very best possible situations to not only meet their individual recovery needs, but also provide the best possible chances of long term sustained recovery. Some areas we assist people in include connecting them to valuable recovery resources such as local NA/AA fellowships, educational materials, peer support, recovery coaches, self-help groups, continued treatment and therapies, meditation and mindfulness training, family support, 12-Step Programs and Sponsorship, Smart Recovery and more!


We're excited to announce that we awarded THE MICHAEL V. DALTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP to 3 very deserving Lynnfield High seniors: Abigail Murphy, Jonathan Luders and Frederick Plante. Congratulations to each of them! We wish them and all their fellow graduates all the best as they embark on the next chapter of their lives! 

Chosen recipients each overcame different types of adversity, demonstrating their perseverance and strength of character while achieving personal growth in their lives. Each scholarship awarded was worth $500.00 and designed to assist our recipients with their higher educational learning expenses.

For a full scholarship description, including the eligibility requirements and application, please click here.



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